Make sure your PR is on the right track!

Over the past 10 years, Rail has grown rapidly as one of the key sectors that our clients wish to target.  HS
2, ongoing rail upgrades and
Crossrail have all contributed to the business opportunities for manufacturers of products and suppliers of services to the potentially lucrative rail industry. This includes both manufacturers of products, as well as systems and solutions providers.  We therefore have lots of experience in implementing PR campaigns and working closely with the online and offline rail media to generate enquiries from specifiers.

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Dragonfly PR recruiting for Digital Media Role

We are one of South Yorkshire’s leading PR and digital agencies, with an extensive client base, which is predominantly business-to-business.

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Reasons to be cheerful with your PR agency

Finding the right PR company can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in the haystack. In our experience, the concern for many clients – and we know because quite a few in our team have worked in manufacturing businesses – is that some PR agencies just don’t have the right level of industrial experience.

By that we mean they don’t specialise in a specific market sector. Being the ‘Jack of all Trades’ may create more ‘potential customers’, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you benefit from a company that understands your products and market sector.

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Community engagement cements CSR

This week, we were involved with a community engagement event which has had a huge impact on ‘cementing’ a great relationship between the company and the local community.

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Film: The future of marketing

With a huge 78%* of people watching videos online every week, and with videos expected to take up 57% of consumer internet traffic in 2015, it’s no surprise this year has been dubbed the year of video marketing.

In our latest blog we take a look at the widely labelled ‘future’ of content marketing and how to make the most of it.

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Beware bloggers bearing gifts

Hardly a day goes by when here at Dragonfly we don’t receive some emailed sales pitch from an SEO company offering some amazing blogging service that sounds too good to be true – and most certainly is.

They’re offering 50, 100, 200 blogs per month about your products, that they will write and post and before you know it, you’ll be number one on Google!  How likely is that?  Not very!  And they are sending this to an agency that offers SEO services – how crazy is that?

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Dragonfly PR looks to recruit Social Media Executive

We are one of South Yorkshire’s leading integrated PR and digital agencies, with an extensive client base, predominantly business-to-business.

We are looking to strengthen our online team with a Social Media Executive. Your role would involve designing and running social media campaigns for a number of our clients, via various channels including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google+.

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Do I still need to produce a brochure?

It’s fair to say that all marketing agencies and their clients have welcomed the ‘Digital Age’ – it allows you to better target customers, communicate directly with them and, when done in a targeted way, can be lower cost than, for instance, mailing out brochure.

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Do building product manufacturers need an online presence?

We have heard a lot in the press recently about the construction industry and how it is on the road to recovery. However, this return to ‘normality’ seems to occur in fits and starts – one quarter construction is ahead and then the next we hear dire warnings that it is all coming to a grinding halt.

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Looking for help with entering awards?

You may have read our blog about how to approach the Queens Awards so we were delighted when our client President Engineering Group Ltd (PEGL) was selected to receive the prestigious Queen’s Award for International Trade recently, with our help and guidance.

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We welcome the mobile friendly algorithm!

The day that Google’s latest algorithm change comes into effect and experts have warned that it could impact more sites than the Panda or Penguin updates!

The algorithm focuses on penalising the search engine ranking position of websites which are not ‘mobile friendly’ and do not provide a good user experience to those visiting from a mobile device.

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Tugging on the heartstrings

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important part of many companies’ core values. Putting something back, whether it is through allowing staff to take part in volunteering programmes as part of their work, donating to charities or helping out in the local community, can have a huge impact not only on morale and motivation, but also on how stakeholders view a business.

Many of our Public Relations campaigns involve maximising media coverage of CSR activities.  However, it can be difficult for a company to decide exactly where it should spend its resources.  Here are some tips that could help businesses to get the most out of their CSR.

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Why not to buy followers on social media

The idea of quickly gaining followers and appearing more influential online sometimes appeals to users, but here’s a great example of why you should stick to trying to engage genuine, authentic followers

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#Hashtag your way to social media success

Hashtagging can be a great way to promote your brand, but there’s a fine line between being savvy and alienating your audience.

A hashtag is created to group together messages on a particular topic. It’s a valuable tool for tracking the success of social media campaigns, as well as encouraging people to discuss a particular issue or theme.

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Why organic search is best

A question we are regularly asked by our business-to-business clients is ‘should we be spending on Adwords?’

Google Adwords or PPC (Pay Per Click) is certainly the only guaranteed way to get your business on page one for key search terms, but does the spend really warrant the result for companies in the construction and manufacturing sectors?

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